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Good Way Gardens is a sustainable arts organization producing concerts and festival-style events in outdoor spaces with educational and entertainment opportunities for all ages.


Good Way Gardens hosts "Good Way Sunday" events at the Richard Howe House, 315 E Broadway Emporia, KS. This property has been generously shared by Lyon County History Center. Our 2024 season will feature special events from regional musicians, local artists, and arts organizations, and we'll continue cultivating our garden space with native plants, focusing on beneficial varieties to benefit native pollinators.

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Good Way Sunday October 2023 by Lifeleak Visuals

Good Way Gardens’ mission is to produce concerts and cultivate a productive garden venue, with a greater goal of creating a culture of sustainability in Emporia. We increase access to art and sustainability through community programming, promoting good relationships between the land that Emporia sits on, and the people who inhabit it.

We believe truly sustainable economies include a wide view of art and plants as more than a product; acknowledging the value of origin, inspiration, and creation. Art thrives in reciprocal relationships with the natural world. Good Way believes it is the right and responsibility of all beings to return to the earth for our original instructions as people, to live in a way that respects all life. By combining plants and music, Good Way Gardens offers the community a venue for connection to land through arts.


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Native vegetable varieties, prairie and pollinator plants, raised using all OMRI-approved soils and amendments


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Community-centered, all-ages entertainment, including live music, interactive education, and film.

Join us at the Howe House

Good Way has partnered with the Lyon County Historical Center to bring gardens and outdoor community arts activities to the Howe House at 315 E Logan Ave in Emporia, Kansas almost always each first Sunday of each month, March through October.

Historical Howe House at 315 E Logan Ave in Emporia, Kansas.

Good Way Gardens is a fund of Emporia Community Foundation

The Emporia Community Foundation (ECF) connects the diverse citizens and communities of Lyon and its six contiguous counties through the charitable actions of a variety of funds established for the purpose of bettering the lives of individuals within its communities. As a 501c3 Foundation, the ECF continues the traditional Kansas heritage of providing nonprofit service and supporting the charitable giving requests of donors who wish to enrich the quality of life of local citizens. ECF represents the Kansas counties of Lyon, Chase, Greenwood, Morris, Osage, Coffey and Wabaunsee.